Going native

As you know, one of my main goals in creating my gardens is to create better habitat for wildlife. One of the best ways to do that is to plant native plants – that is plants that naturally grow in your area.

I know some people who have completely native gardens, and I admire that. Personally, I’m not able to do that… there are just so many plants that I love, I can’t limit myself to only natives.

However, I am happy to incorporate them whenever I can. Luckily, planting native is becoming more popular, and native plants are easier to come by.

My grocery store garden centre had the best selection I’ve seen in years (And they were $2 more than all the other perrenials of the same size, so that tells you all you need to know about the rise in popularity).

I brought home a handful

I’ve seen several different asters in the wild, so I’m not quite sure how big this one is. But asters are always good bloomers so I’m happy to have it in my collection.

I had a cardinal flower at the townhouse, but it didn’t come back the next year. It was a shame, because it’s a stunner of a flower. That red is so brilliant. I’ve never actually seen one in the wild, but I’m very happy to make a place for it in my garden.

Related to it is Giant Blue Lobelia. I’ve grown the annual Lobelias many times, so I’m thrilled to have one that’s a perennial.

Sneezeweed (or Helenium) is a plant I’ve wanted to get for a while. There are many fancier versions, but I love this “common” one.

You know how much I love Bee Balm… well this is the native version of it. I can’t wait to see those lilac blooms in the yard.

And last, I’ve never heard of, nor seen Pearly Everlast, but I’m happy to include it in my collection. Apparently it’s a type of aster.

I think it will be fun watching these grow… and see how much local wildlife they bring to the yard.

10 thoughts on “Going native

  1. Araignee

    I hope your wildlife is not like mine. Mine eat everything. I can’t believe they’ve already nibbled the hostas in the backyard down. If they get the ones in the containers on the front porch again I just might have to by a gun. Just kidding but I can dream.


  2. Beautiful, not sure if your community has one, but my community has a Native botanical garden where you can (honor system) put money in the box and they piece off the plants for a nominal price of native plants in the garden. Another great way to grow plants.


  3. kayT

    I love lobelia and will be interested to see how “giant” this one gets! I’ve been living in a warm climate for a long time where lobelia self-seeds and goes on and on. Turns up in every pot eventually. Maybe you could turn it into this kind of perennial if you catch some seeds in the fall and put the pot inside? (Now that we’re in Texas where it gets so hot I have to move it indoors in the summer!)


  4. Asters are native to our area and a few years ago, I bought one plant – now I have so many, because of how they spread out! And bonus – bees LOVE them, so it’s all good.

    I hope your flowers have as much success.


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