Walkabout Wednesday

This week, it’s time to discover some hidden gems….

One day, my walk took me up the north side of River Street. River Street one of the main roads through town, but I’d never traveled the north side of it. It has a lot of newer homes compared to the rest of the town (and by new, I mean built in the ’80s), and it gradually gives way to countryside.

The first hidden gem is a little park space:

There are no flowers, it’s a garden of trees, each one with a little plaque dedicated to someone’s loved ones. I’m looking forward to checking it out again when the trees are leafed out more. It’s a very pretty, peaceful space

Not far from there was this magnificent house…

There are quite a few Victorian manors in Alvinston, but by my account, this one is definitely the biggest.

It’s certainly the only one with it’s own carriage/guest house. (Which looks to be about as big as our house!) There was a sign out front that said “Hayter”, which is the name of the family that runs a local HVAC business. From the looks of the house, business is VERY good.

Just up the road, I found this neat place…

I can’t tell if it’s some sort of museum or what. I don’t think it’s a working concern. I can’t find anything online about it either, but I’m going to keep digging.

You can’t see it well in the pictures, but there’s a small lake in behind those buildings, and the frogs were singing away… It was a wonderful soundtrack for my walk..

7 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. Shirley Elliott

    I am really enjoying your Walkabout Wednesdays. It is interesting to see your new town and surroundings. Very pretty.


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