Tiny Needle Tuesday

Another weekend come and gone and another TNT is here!

Stitching on this one is defintiely slooooow, but when you compare it to the chart, you can see, I’m almost through the decorative bits on the desk part of the machine.

I do like the chart on this is nice, big and easy to read. The Bee chart I just finished was monochrome, and it was a challenge at times.

11 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. Araignee

    That is a nice chart! The ones I hate are the ones that are printed in pieces so you have to put them together. I never get them together right and it always messes with my mind. The Quakers are like that because they are so big I guess and it makes it so hard to get everything where it should be.


  2. I prefer B&W charts…but that’s the way I’ve always been. Just like I prefer linen over aida cloth. I can see the linen better than I can the aida. You’ve made really nice progress on this – it takes some time with the color changes.


  3. chrisknits

    Lovely chart to stitch by, I hate when it’s symbols only and some of the symbols look alike. Love your star blocks, that will be an impressive quilt.


  4. Oh I think that’s gonna be lovely!

    Easy to read charts are just the best – and I find that as I do more stitching, AND get older, they are even more valuable to my eyes than ever.


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