Rose revival

I am disappointed to inform you that not one of the roses I brought from the townhouse made it through the winter.

I had four in total – White Lightning (White Hybrid Tea), Honey Perfume (Apricot Floribunda), Scentimental (Red and White Floribunda) and Ebb Tide (Purple Floribunda). Now I’m not too upset about the last two – Scentimental was never a particularly robust, and Ebb Tide was a bit of a disappointment. You only got dark purple flowers from her when the weather was cooler. When it was hot and humid, she gave you dark fuchsia flowers that opened too quickly and died off fast. In a place with more moderate summers, she’d be a great rose, but not here.

But White Lightning and Honey Perfume – those two were a big loss. I really thought they’d make it through when they started blooming again after the move. But I guess it was just too much stress to get them through the winter.

I wasn’t able to get replacements for them this year (though I will eventually), but that doens’t mean I didn’t get roses…

In fact, I got six. Some I’m familiar with, some are new:

Good as Gold (Hybrid Tea)

This is the only one that’s bloomed so far. The buds start out quite orange, but as it opens it becomes this beautiful, golden yellow.

The following pictures are not mine… but they are what I have to look forward to

Queen Elizabeth (Grandiflora)

Longtime readers will recall that this was one of the first roses I had at the townhouse. Being that’s it’s the Queen’s Jubilee year, it seemed appropriate to get it again. Plus, it’s a lovely shade of pink.

Chicago Peace (Hybrid Tea)

Long-time readers will DEFINITELY recall this one. It was my biggest and my best for about four years. It suddenly kicked off the year before we moved. I absolutely adored it! Prolific, BIG blooms, gorgeous scent, what’s not to love?

Double Delight (Hybrid Tea

This one is new, but I’m REALLY looking forward to it. I just love multi-coloured blooms.

Chrysler Imperial (Hybrid Tea)

This one I bought first, for the name (for my car guy), and second because it’s a classic red rose. It’s the only rose I have out front (the rest are in the backyard), and I suspect, will be the next one to bloom.

New Dawn (Climber)

I’ve always loved climbing roses, but I never had a place for them at the townhouse. I’ve planted this one outside the catio. The idea is that it will climb up the far end, and provide some more shade inside the catio yard for the kitties.

Now honestly, four of them (Queen Elizabeth, Chicago Peace, Double Delight and New Dawn), were not the best looking plants I’ve ever seen. The garden centre I got them from was part of a hardware store (not our usual one), and most of the plants were pretty neglected. However, they were half the price of roses elsewhere. With some life visible, I figured it was worth the chance to get them and nurse them back to full health. They seem to be doing well so far, but it may be a while before I see blooms on them. You can be sure I’ll keep you posted.

6 thoughts on “Rose revival

  1. kayT

    Thanks for the pretty pictures to start my day! That Good as Gold is really gorgeous in all its shades of gold/yellow. I hope it thrives for you. Double Delight was my very first rose and it tended to spoil me for all other roses; what a beauty. Since we moved to Texas we have only planted Knock Out roses; they require very little care, don’t seem to attract bugs or mildew, and don’t mind 104 F (as today) or freezing (as last winter). Mostly come in only pink and red which makes me sad as I like yellow, but the lack of care required makes me glad.

    I hope all your roses decide to thrive in the much-improved environment you are giving them.


  2. It’s always disheartening to lose a plant.
    Yet, now there is a space for you to try something else!
    My sunflowers were smashed by the roofers last year, and they are not coming up this year.
    So, I have a sunny corner that needs something, so I’m pondering what to put in.


  3. They are all so pretty. I’m sorry you lost the two that meant so much to you. I kick myself for not bringing some of my plants from our Spokane house. Although, since we lived in the camper for a year, there was no place to keep them.
    I really love the Good as Gold rose. My Mom would have loved it too. Her favorite color.
    I hope the four you bought at the hardware store pull through.
    Blessings and hugs,


  4. Araignee

    Oh, no…..the only good thing about losing something is getting to replace it. I put one of my houseplants out too early and the frost got it. I’d had that plant for 30 years so it made me pretty sad and mad at myself for not paying attention to the weather.
    Your new roses are spectacular esp that last one. I love a climber. I have such fond memories of my mom and grandmom’s climbing all over their fences. Made it hard to climb over them though…lol.


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