Garden boy

For a man who tells me (frequently) he couldn’t care less about having gardens, he’s sure keeping working on projects for them…

First, he painted up the small planter boxes we got at the start of the month. He coated the inside with liquid rubber, and painted the outside white.

I found some clearance plants to fill them…

Pink and white impatiens, and calibrochoa.

The front porch was a little plain, and I think they dress it up nicely. Come fall and Christmas, I can also put fake floral picks in them to decorate for the holidays.

Next up, he dressed up the larger garden planters we got.

Green of course! They won’t get planted until next year, but now they are ready to withstand the cold and snow until they do. Like the other planters he did a coat of liquid rubber inside and paint on the out.

Then he moved onto the garden bench we brought from his Grandma’s place. All that was left was the ends. They got a fresh coat of paint, and we got new wood for seat. He cut, painted and reassembled it all.

In our signature green…. of course!

But that’s not all…

On our way back from Home Depot (to get the bench wood), he made me stop at the side of the road to pick up a few road treasures.

He only saw the bench at first, but someone was also tossing the plants stands as well. And you know I can always use plant stand or two. He’s already given the white one a fresh coat of paint. (That’s all it needed). He’s removed the wicker from the black one and it will get new wood shelves next time we hit Home Depot.

And the bench… it’s already been dismantled, and the frame painted.

He’s got new wood drying, all freshly painted with green, and this one will be back together in no time!

12 thoughts on “Garden boy

  1. Deb

    He really loves you! It’s all beautiful work and he’s very talented. I know they’ll look beautiful in your gardens. I bet your neighbors are happy to see you sprucing the place up.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    Just WOW!!! That is so impressive! You guys really should have a social media site to showcase all your befores and afters. Liquid rubber is a new product to me but how wonderful. Looking forward to seeing where those items end up.


  3. Love the newly painted benches! You may want to attach some mesh to the reconditioned green planter if you want to train plants up them – peas? or Clematis? Well, I’ll be interested to see what you do next year. Your thumb is a lot greener than mine!


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