Almost a pair

I know I keep saying how busy work has been lately. Well this week has been INSANE! So much so that I’m also working evenings, on top of all day.

Now I can’t really complain. I work from home so I can just get up form my desk and chill in the garden with the cats whenever I need a break. And when my work is slow, my superiors don’t expect me to find busy work to fill my time. I am welcome to kick back and relax, because they know when we get slammed like this, I put my nose to the grindstone and do what it takes to get things out on time.

But it means right now, there’s even less time than normal for crafting in the evenings.

Happily, I took the latest socks with me to Sam’s birthday party on the weekend.

Because sitting and knitting and chatting is my idea of a good party! I got the leg done while there, and the scant few minutes I’ve had in the evenings since, I’ve managed to complete the heel, and I’m just getting started on the gusset.

Work should be lighter by Monday, so I expect to have my evenings back again. And maybe even have these off the needles and in the mail by the end of the month.

9 thoughts on “Almost a pair

  1. I do love the yarn for those socks. The specks are perfection! I’m sorry that work is so busy but glad that in slower times they are accomidating. It always seems to be feast or famine with it comes to work! At least it used to be like that for me.


  2. Yesterday, while working remotely, I cleared away all kinds of things, so the afternoon was free to work on orders in our specific system.
    However, that system crashed and stayed out of commission for a few hours.
    I was able to read a few chapters of my book.


  3. Love your sock yarn – so pretty. And work, what’s up with that? My work has been crazy lately and usually I can count on summer as being a very easy time. Not this year!


  4. Araignee

    They are so sweet! I love to knit and socialize too. Socks are perfect for that. I miss that. I used to knit at lunch with the other teachers. Best knitting time ever.


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