Pretty petals

Everything continues to be wonderful in the garden. Even I can’t believe how much I’ve accomplished in such a short time since moving in. But really, it’s not me. I just put things in the ground. They just do their thing and it’s amazing.

It doesn’t get any more low-maintenance than daylilies. These are pretty much no-maintenance. Just give them a mostly sunny spot, and they do their thing. If I could only ever have one type of plant, it would probably be the daylily.

Of course I’m glad I can have more than just one type because… ROSES!!! Our hot, humid summers are a little hard on the roses, but the yellow mini-rose is doing AMAZING. So much so I bought a couple of half-dead clearance mini roses at the grocery store the other day. I know I can bring them back to life in the garden. The red one, Chrysler Imperial, has not stopped blooming since it started in June. And it smells AMAZING. Good as Gold took a brief break, but is busting out nice dark golden flowers. The other roses I bought aren’t blooming, but they are putting on some good new growth. Since they were in a sad state when I bought them, this is not surprising.

It’s Coneflower Season!!!! Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like my Strawberry Mango Smoothie coneflower made the move. I’m pretty sure old neighbour Krista still has some in her garden, so I’m going to see if it’s big enough to snag a piece of root this fall. Otherwise, I’m loving the ones I do have (some from the townhouse, some new). You can never have enough coneflowers as far as I’m concerned. The finches agree, and I’ve already seen them nosing around the seed heads.

The Liatris is coming into bloom. This is a native plant and so pretty. The purple one is so striking against the yellow of those susans.

Speaking of…. they are doing amazing. But on Thursday, I came out and half of the darker ones had flopped over.

There was no storm, and they had been fine that morning. Not sure what happened – maybe just the weight of them? Regardless, I made lemonade out of lemons and created a bouquet for the house.

They will definitely need to be divided this fall and moved around.

The pink yarrow will probably be split too. I love how the flowers start out a vibrant dark pink, and fade to cream. Makes for a pretty wild show.

The honeysuckle bloomed again, which surprised me. And there’s more buds coming. Pretty good for such a young plant.

The regular Black-Eyed Susans have bloomed, which really tells me we are headed into the downside of summer. I only brought a small clump of these from the townhouse, as they were VERY hard to dig out of the clay soil there. In a year or two, they should be big enough to divide and I can have Susans all over the yard. The blooms go right until the first frost.

This Harebell (one of the new native plants) has just gone INSANE!!! It’s hard to get a picture because there are so many little flowers, the camera doesn’t know where to focus. I love that there are also two different shades on the same plant.

The big showy pink foxglove out front ate done, but I’ve got this smaller, more subtle one out back and it’s just getting started.

This Shasta Daisy is new. I grabbed it on a trip to the hardware store in early summer. The flowers are extra frilly and start out bright yelllow, fading to light. I still need some regular daisies, but these ones are making me smile for now.

The cherry tomatoes are also starting to ripen. I harvested the first two on Thursday, and there’s plenty more to follow.

7 thoughts on “Pretty petals

  1. Robyn Williams

    Love seeing your garden. You really do have a green thumb. You can tell you love the flowers by how well they are thriving!


  2. kayT

    Thanks for the garden tour. Living in central Texas there are a lot of things that can’t get through one of our summers (+100F for the last 40 days and more expected). So I love seeing all the things I can’t grow. As for those susans that fell over, I wonder if some critter was using them as a bed. I have had this happen and the culprit was a skunk!


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