Big Red

As I mentioned yesterday, this weekend, Dave and I had a mission.

We were up well before the crack of dawn and headed to the big city. Dave’s Mom has been staying at his Grandma’s house, getting it ready for sale. We had already cleaned out most of the garage, but there was still one big thing to get…

She’s a ’67 Dodge Charger. She was a birthday gift from his step-father when he was in his teens. She didn’t look like that when he got her – he spent the better part of his late-teens/early-twenties restoring her. I met Dave when he was 26, and the restoration was done by then.

But as it happens, life rolled on and there wasn’t much time to devote to it. He stored it at his grandma’s and drove it whenever he could. As the years wore on, that became less and less. With COVID, and our move and all the chaos of the last couple of years, she hasn’t moved an inch. He did start her up periodically, but that was it.

So we didn’t want to take the chance of driving her all the way back here. Instead we called in some “professionals”

Good ol’ Super Dad, and his buddy Ray. Dad rented a trailer, secured her, and towed her all those miles home.

She made the trip safe and sound with no issues.

It’s been a long road to get her here (physically, and metaphorically) but I’m so happy she’s finally properly reunited with the guy who loves her so much.

15 thoughts on “Big Red

  1. Deb

    What a beautiful car! I had a 1970 GTO when I was married. I LOVED that car. It was a gas hog, but oh, so much fun to drive.

    Enjoy Dave’s baby.


  2. Shirley Elliott

    What a beauty!!! She looks like she is in perfect condition. Dave is certainly talented and it is so nice that he has all his toys with him now.


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