Tiny Needle Tuesday

I may have been a little too busy this weekend. By the time the evenings rolled around, I was too tired to do much cross stitching.

I added a little more black work on the machine head, but that’s it. I’m going to make up for it this week though. Hopefully by next tiny needle Tuesday, I’ll have the whole upper portion complete!

P.S. After yesterday’s post, a few of you mentioned that you didn’t know what a chip wagon was. I apolgize. It’s been so much a part of my upbringing that I had no idea it was a Canadian thing (and apparently more of and Eastern Canadian thing than a Western one too!). Chip wagon fries were a HUGE treat when we were kids. And there used to be a lot more Chip Wagons around too. And unless they are serving fresh cut fries, they are not a real chip wagon (then they are just a food truck).

I found this cool article from several years back that explains our fascination. If you haven’t had chip wagon fries, and find yourself in Canada, I whole heatedly recommend find a chip wagon!

10 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. Araignee

    We’ve got a chip wagon on the street across from the boardwalk. I never thought much about it until you mentioned it but I guess it is something you don’t see anywhere else. It’s the cutest little trailer that’s been there for as long as I remember. It’s only open at the oddest times. I wonder how he stays in business.


  2. Robyn Williams

    Here in Ohio we call them Fair Fries. You can only get them during the summer when they show up at the Fairs. They are so good.


  3. I would be all OVER a chip wagon. I do love a good, fresh chip!

    You can see that what you are making is a sewing machine now. Have a wonderful stitchy week of vacation.


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