Prep work

Before I went back to work after vacation, I spent Sunday in the studio, getting things ready. Work is looking to be very busy for the foreseeable future, and Dave always has tasks for me around the house. Sneaking in a few hours sewing here and there will be much easier if the pieces are already cut and ready to sew.

First up…. not too long ago, I found out my favourite cousin is getting married. She’s about a decade younger than me, and when I was a teen, I used to babysit her and her older sister a lot, as we lived just two streets apart. So as soon as I found out, I started planning a wedding quilt for her.

Her favourite colour is blue (with purple being a second favourite). I had originally planned on a more traditional blue and white quilt, but couldn’t really find any fabric I liked. So I started toying with the idea of batiks. That’s when Mom sent me pictures of a layer cake she had… as soon as I saw the purple mixed in, I decided it was a sign. I put in an order at the Fat Quarter Shop* for some complimentary yardage, and I’m going to make a Moda Love quilt, adding some borders to make it queen-sized.

Happily, I also have a layer cake of background fabric so I didn’t have to do any cutting to get this one ready to work on. There will be a lot of HST making in my future, but as the blocks are large (9.5 inches), it will go fairly fast once I do have time to work on it.

I mentioned yesterday that my Leader Ender project had reached a stage where it was no longer suitable to be worked as L/Es.

I’d been busy making nine patches for Pat Sloan’s Little Wishes quilt. With those all made it was time to make the star points. Pat did hers as HSTs (and scrappy) but I didn’t think I’d have enough neutral scraps for that, so I decided to do 4-at-a-time geese.

So everything is cut and ready to go for that. I just need the time to sit and sew.

And last, for the month of August, the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour is orange. I rummaged through the scraps and came up with enough to make my block.

I am stretching it a little on what constitutes orange, but the overall feel is there.

Sigh…. so much to sew… so little time!

* Also part of the FQS order was this fun bit of fabric.

I’ve had an idea for a Hallowe’en quilt for a while, and I really want to bring it to life this year. The jelly roll is all orange and black and white, but I wanted to add a splash of pink, so I got the fun fat quarter bundle beside it. I’m not going tell you more than that.. you’ll have to wait and see…

8 thoughts on “Prep work

  1. I don’t know how you do everything you do! So many projects and they all look wonderful. Love the fabrics for your cousin’s wedding quilt and the Halloween one looks fun!!


  2. Araignee

    I love batiks. I have a fall batik quilt I really need to finish this year. Your Halloween material almost made my heart stop. I never thought of a Halloween quilt and now you’ve got me wondering……


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