Autumn signals

I don’t need the calendar to tell me that autumn is on its way. Nor do I need the earlier sunsets, or the crispness in the night air. I have a garden.

The pretty purple blooms of the physostegia are always a good sign This late bloomer is a favourite of the hummingbirds, which the cats absolutely love. The neat thing is the roots are on the inside of the catio, but many of the blooms have grown through the fence and are on the outside, so the little hummers are in no danger from stalking felines as they stop by for a treat.

The daily abundance of cherry tomatoes is another good indicator the end of summer is nigh.

The grand chop of the Holly bush did it no harm, and the berries are starting to turn red. It will be filled with sparrows come the cold weather, which absolutely delights the cats.

And then of course, there are chrysanthemums. One of the prettiest parts of fall, if you ask me. So far it’s just this purple one, and the rusty red one I bought in July.

But I have two more by the catio gate that should start opening any day now.

And though fall is just around the corner, there’s still so much to enjoy.

The new False Sunflower is really showing off. And it looks so nice beside the red zinnias. I’m definitely going to have to remember to plant more zinnia seeds next spring. They are an annual and won’t come back on their own.

And I keep forgetting to show you my Cardinal flower.

It needed to be staked because it kept flopping over, but it’s just covered in this vivid red flowers. I really hope this one makes it through the winter.

Every corner you turn in this garden, there’s still beauty to behold… and will be until the first frost.

6 thoughts on “Autumn signals

  1. So many pretty colors.

    My front garden bed is going to get a total overhaul before next spring. What I have in there right now just isn’t working for me.


  2. Araignee

    My holly has berries on it this year but they are still green. The mums are gorgeous. None to be seen here yet but it won’t be long when they will be showing up on everyone’s porch along with the obligatory pumpkin.


  3. Your Cardinal Flowers is stunning! I could never get mine to take off and stay over the winter! Perhaps a tomato cage would help support it! Your Obedient Plant is pretty! I have a white one too and they are just beginning to bloom:)


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