A cut above

This weekend was another busy one. Most of it was spent at Mom’s, quilting away on the trio of baby quilts (which I’ll share throughout the week). By Sunday, I woke up with a major headache, and I was soooo whomped that I wanted to do nothing but lay in bed and read all day.

And I did just that… until about 3 pm. For the past week, Dave has been bugging me to do something. You see, when we brought all that furniture home from his grandma’s, we had to start deciding what to do with it all. Some of it, we already had plans for, but a few things we took just because Dave didn’t want to see them thrown out.

One of those things was a large six drawer dresser. We’d already brought home two matching “fancy” dressers that I planned to use in the bedroom, replacing my old dressers (which I’ve had since I was a teen). And there was another smaller dresser he tucked in his closet for things like hats and stuff that tend to get lost in dark corners.

But that big one, we had no plans for. Until I was looking at Facebook and several people in a quilting group I belong to were showing off their cuttings spaces. Several different people had taken old dressers and cabinets and such, and turned them into cutting tables.

My current cutting space was serviceable…

Mess aside… It was a folding plastic banquet table. Big enough to hold my cutting mat, with extra space for my project boxes (which is what most of the mess is), and room for my rubbermaid bins of yardage and backing fabric underneath.

The biggest downside of it was the height. It was a little low to be comfortable for cutting. So, I took my idea of turning the dresser into the cutting table to Dave, and let him run with it. He worked away on the dresser for a few days, and had it all ready to go by mid-week last week, but needed my help to get it up into the sewing room.

But I had eleventy billion things to do… until I finally gave in Sunday afternoon. We hefted it up the stairs and…

I wish I’d taken a before picture of the dresser. It had been in Grandma’s garage for at least 30 years. It had been used to store car parts and tools and other random auto-related things. It was so filthy, you could barely tell it was white.

When I told Dave my idea, he gave it a good clean, and several new coats of paint. He cut a piece of plywood to make the top as deep as the old table was, painted it to match and secured it with screws. It’s not as long as the table was, but it’s a much better height. And the drawers give excellent storage space. The top drawers hold my project boxes for current WIPs. The rest of the drawers now contain most of the yardage that was in those Rubbermaid tubs. The only tub I couldn’t fit in was the one full of all my backing fabrics. But it fit nicely down the side.

Burton can’t wait until we have time to make use of it.

9 thoughts on “A cut above

  1. Robin

    The dresser looks fabulous! So much old furniture is being trashed now, nice to see you and Dave taking the time to make this useable for you. Burton seems to approve!


  2. Araignee

    Beautiful refinishing job! I use two small matching dressers side by side with a big Ikea table over top of them for my sewing area. I didn’t want to toss the dressers either and they fit perfectly under my table to hold my ridiculous amount of quilting stuff. It’s always like Christmas when I go through the drawers. There’s stuff in there I didn’t know I had.


  3. That is an awesome cutting table! Of course, I love anything painted white. Dave did a wonderful job repurposing the dresser. You would never believe it had been in the condition you described. It also looks like there might be enough room for a cat to squeeze under or behind the cutting table.


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