FO: Darling Duckies

While I did all the quilting on the baby quilts at Mom’s, I brought them home to tack the binding down. I’ve said before, I love hand sewing the binding. I put on some good tv and just get to it. The first quilt whipped along nicely. Then I picked up the second one, and the skies got dark. The wind began to howl and a thunderstorm rolled through.

That wasn’t a problem… until it knocked the power out. Happily, we have the wifi on a back up battery, so I was easily able to look-up and see if the power company had an estimated time to get the lights back on. They did… but it was three hours away…

Nothing to do but kick-it-old school…

I lit some candles and my new-to-me hurricane lamp, and got to work. I’m lucky that it was light-coloured binding, because even with the candles, it was hard to see. How did our ancestors do it???

I got about half of it done before my eyes got to sore, and I decided it was time to give it up and go to bed. The power came on about five mintes after we got under the covers, of course!

I finished it up the next day in some nice, bright sunlight, and now I give you… Darling Duckies!!!

The pattern is Oh My Stars and it’s one I’ve done in various ways, several times previously. It’s a great way to use a charm pack.

I tend to stay away from pastels for babies, prefering much bolder colours, but these little ducks were just so sweet. the dark teal gives it some pop, which makes me content with the more subtle palette.

The back is a chunk of mottled teal flannel that is almost the exact shade as the solid on the front. It was leftover from a quilt Mom and Paisley made a few years ago.

Now I want to get a couple things knit before I send this one off. Maybe something simple I can knit in the dark… just in case!

8 thoughts on “FO: Darling Duckies

  1. I think our ancestors went to bed much earlier than we do today – LOL. I’m sure I could not have seen well enough to sew by lantern and candle light – bravo for you. I do love the teal in that quilt – seems to make it all come together nicely.


  2. Araignee

    Oh, gee….it’s hard enough to see when the lights are on. I do recall knitting by candlelight during our week long power outage from the ice storm but my eyes were 20 years younger.
    That’s another adorable baby quilt! I just ordered $80 worth of material for another quilt for the Baby Grand. Daughter wants a quilt that matches her diaper bag for traveling which is nautical. Luckily Missouri Star had just what I needed.


  3. Another wonderful finish. I have several oil lamps to use whenever the power goes out. While not exactly bright, they do provide adequate light to work, but definitely not to read.


  4. What a treasure you have in that cutting table! It will make things so much easier when your table height is a better fit. And I love, love, love the two new baby quilts!! The duck one is delightful.


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