Wedding blues…

… and purples!

It was finally time to get to work on the wedding quilt for my cousin, so Burton and I got to work making big HSTs for the Moda Love quilt. Thirty-six 9.5 inch HSTs to be exact. Working on two quadrants at a time, we laid them out on the design bed…

And we got sewing. (Well I did…. Burton went and had nap.) And before we knew it, I had those quadrants done, so I laid out the last two and they sewed up just as fast.

Then it was just a matter of rotating and sewing them all together.

As you can see, it gave us a good-sized quilt very quickly (72″ square) but we wanted this one really big.

So we got to work cutting and sewing borders and before long…

I had to take it outside because it was too big to show it all on the design bed. 90″ square now. I really recommend this pattern if you want to make a big quilt in a hurry.

Now I’ve got a date with Mom at the end of the month to get it quilted, in plenty of time for the November wedding!

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