Walkabout Wednesday

I have been trying to walk everyday this past week. Sadly, I don’t seem to have much time to make any further than to the post office and back… but at least I’m getting out.

So this week… it’s all plants on my way to get the mail…

I love this great big hedge that surrounds this yard. They always keep it nice and tidy on the sides, so it never overhangs the sidewalk, but they definitely need to get a ladder or something to do that top!

On my route, there are two telephone poles that someone wrapped with chicken wire. It wasn’t apparent why until I saw the morning glories growing up them. The bottom 8 or so feet are cmpletely covered. They are looking a little worse for wear, but that’s probably because of how little rain we’ve had this summer.

Just down from that, the little verge garden I show a while back is doing very well. The marigold have been thrilled with the heat.

Rose of Sharon are not one of my favourite plants. I rank them along with hostas… but there are a couple of bushes along my walk that are just blooming like crazy. They also tend to attract Japanese beetles, which is another reason I don’t like them. I have enough problems keeping them off my roses!

Last week I showed you a planter just spilling over with petunias. Well I found these guys sprouting up in a weed patch, just under one of the town’s big hanging baskets. Some seeds must have fallen and these little guys managed to sprout.

One of the crab apple trees along the way is covered in these teeny tiny guys. I don’t know enough about crab apples, but they look rather small to me, and the tree doesn’t look overly healthy. But it could just be the dry summer.

And last… there’s still lots of green out there…

But there’s no denying autumn is on its way.

9 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. It is amazing how tenacious plants can be ……volunteer petunias anyone???

    We have four Rose of Sharon in our yard. Can’t say I think much of them, but the bees seem to like them.


  2. Wow those red leaves in the last picture! We have Rose of Sharon and I’ve never seen Japanese Beetles on them…but, as Dee says, the bees love them and also the hummingbirds!


  3. Araignee

    I haven’t seen a crab apple in ages. We had a big one in our front yard growing up and I still remember the taste of those bitter little things. I’ve eaten plenty even though I was always warned off them. I did make jelly from them once which wasn’t very good but then I probably didn’t know much about jelly making back then.


  4. Yes, those crabapples are very small, but they will still make yummy jelly. The hedge is huge! The one outside my front door has grown about 12” in the last three years. It was looking pretty raggedy, so I requested maintenance give it a haircut. Now, it looks nice.


  5. Such a pretty walk and lots of interesting plants. That hedge is huge. There are some along the street I walk on each morning. The Department of Public Works was trimming the portion on the street side one morning. The workers said they are responsible for anything that touches or overhangs the sidewalk and residents should let them know if there are any problem areas. I was impressed.


  6. Congratulations upon your new blog site–I’ve often been tempted to do the same.

    I shouldn’t think the phone company would like having a vine on their pole–it looks awfully pretty though.

    I very much enjoy Rose of Sharon, but have never grown one. I did finally plant Colocasia–Elephant Ears–this summer. It was a plant that scared me as a small boy, but I soon grew to love it.

    I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading your thoughts.


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