Garden glee

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing before and after pictures. Do you remember what the front of the house looked like when I first put in proper beds this May? Want to see what it looks like now.

Not bad for a season’s worth of growth. The garden across the front will need a bit of a revamp in the spring (just moving certain plants around to better spots), but I’m thrilled with the driveway garden. All my little ground covers have flourished. And both the Euonymus and Weeping Pussywillow are doing well.

But if you really want to see something wild… check out the catio…

It’s hard to tell that’s even the same space. Even I can’t get over the growth. It’s insane. You can barely even see my paths. The Blanket Flower, Sneezeweed and Purple violets are all going to be getting a new home come spring. They are just to big for that confined space. Though I’m thrilled with how well they’ve done. But the idea will be, nothing taller than the coneflowers in there.

And now that some things are well on their way to being established, I’m going to try to get rid of the Mulberry. It’s hard to see, but the far side of the catio has three Clematis, Honeysuckle, and a climbing rose growing up it. Out of frame on the near right is the enormous Butterfly bush. Those together should grow well and provide some shade for the kitties. (Plus they have their cabana).

Here’s a closer look at a few of the wild beauties.

Though it’s too big for the catio, I don’t regret buying the Sneezeweed. It’s a native plant and absolutely stunning with it’s pretty yellow blooms. It will look great in the border gardens along the fence next year.

Another native is this Smooth Aster. It took a long time to bloom (just started) but it’s another great late season addition. It’s a great contrast to the mostly yellow blooms of fall. I could probably leave it in the catio, it just grew sideways because the Mulberry was blocking most of its light. Still. I think it will end up in the border next year.

This gorgeous mum will be staying right where it is, though I’m going to have to keep on top of it and divide it when it gets too big. That’s not a hardship though – it’s pretty enough to spread all over the yard.

And these two massive beauties flank each side of the catio gate. They will definitely be getting split come spring, because they are ENORMOUS!

And the sedum is starting to bloom. I only have two clumps of this now, though I had it in every garden at the townhouse. I only brought one clump with me, and bought another this spring (I thought it was a different colour – it wasn’t). They will get split in spring too. And I’ll have it everywhere. It’s one of the best late season plants for the bees.

Out front those wild red zinnias are still rocking with False Sunflower. The zinnias won’t come back on their own next year, but I will start some more seeds, because they are awesome. And that False Sunflower is going to get a better spot, where it’s not in danger of getting run over by my lawn mower, because the plant is all flopped over the edge.

And last… I give you lilacs in fall. My Bloomerang Lilac has put up two small bloom spikes this week. It will be fun to see if we get more of a fall show as she matures.

9 thoughts on “Garden glee

  1. Turtle Lover

    I do enjoy looking at the before and after …. my memory isn’t all that great LOL … I’m not a person with a green thumb but I do like looking at the pretty views of flowers and plans. I never heard of Sneezeweed before. Thank you for sharing all your pictures!


  2. Araignee

    Wowza! What a difference. I’ve got a lot of digging up and moving around to do myself if ever the indoor work slows down. My purple aster things are in bloom now too. They are always something to look forward to in the fall. That whole bed is a mess though and as much as I enjoy seeing them bloom this year it just looks like work to me.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    I love seeing before and after photos and yours are amazing! Even more amazing is that all those plants/garden areas are new. I cannot wait to see how your gardens grow next season. You should be very proud of your accomplishments.


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