FO: November Romance

Next up in this week’s finished quilt parade is the biggest. The behemoth of a wedding quilt…

The pattern is the Layer cake version of Moda Love, and as written, it comes out to 72 inches square. I added a few more borders to get it up to a respectable 92″ square.

With the exception of the black fabric and the backing, it’s all made with batiks in nature prints – trees, flowers, butterflies, snowflakes, etc.

When I first imagined this quilt, I had planned on something very traditional with blues and creams. When I couldn’t find what I envisioned in my head, I moved onto the idea of using batiks. And when I finally got them in my hand, I knew they had to be done with a black background.

It’s definitely not the traditional quilt I envisioned, but I think it suits the bride’s personality more. The wedding is in November, and unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to make it. But I’m going to get this into the mail, along with my best wishes ASAP.

Hopefully it’s a good consolation prize to my presence on their special day.

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