Friday Felines

Well… yesterday WAS supposed to be the last finished quilt for the week, but….

I had a few extra chandelier blocks leftover. It didn’t take much effort to make a couple more and cut up some more setting triangles for a Burton-sized version.

In fact, it was together, quilted and binding attached in no time. Since it was so small, I just did some straight line, stitch (mostly) in the ditch quilting. I don’t quilt on my own machine often, and it was good practice. It was also a good reminder of why I love that Mom bought the longarm!!!

Burton and I spent an evening hand-sewing the binding down.

You will note that he is on top of my Chandelier quilt, and under his during this process. Since the quilt was small, it was ready for a little photoshoot by morning.

It’s about 24″ x 36″ and it’s just the perfect size for their little chaise. And doesn’t it just look so cute draped over the end???

Burton is certainly pleased with it, but now he says he needs a Christmas one too!!!!

10 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Araignee

    I took some old pillow cases and some leftover batting and made little faux quilts for the outdoor kitties. It got cold quick and I usually buy them each a nice warm kitty bed until its time to plug in the heaters but I’m broke this year so I had to make due.


  2. That boy is going to have you sewing for him for ALL the seasons. He absolutely needed that quilt and it is too TOO cute!

    I would NEVER say your boys are SPOILED. Oh heck…..yes, I would. Your boys live in the lap of luxury*! LOL

    *As they should!


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