(Almost) The end of the rainbow

I was hoping that I’d have a finished top to show you today. I told Dave that I was spending at least one of the weekend days sewing. I was out in the garden all of Saturday, so that left Sunday for sewing. But as soon as I got out of bed, Dave was practically bouncing up and down… he’d found a few good scores a couple towns over on Kijiji and he needed Dory’s cargo space.

Now I’m more than happy to let him take my truck, but he refuses to drive her. I’ll detail it all in another post, but suffice it to say, I lost half of my day.

I managed to get my grey block done. It’s the final block for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt. But with half my day already eaten up, there was no time to put the top together.

Still… I decided to lay it out and get an idea of how it would all look.

Apparently word has gotten out that I give treats for posing with quilt blocks… It was impossible to get a picture with out at least one of these three jokers in it.

As you can kind of see, it’s going to be a pretty big quilt. It’s already too long to show completely along the bed. I’ll probably build it out wider, and make it close to a queen size. But that’s for another weekend…

Is it Friday yet?

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