Coming next year

I mentioned that last weekend was nice and warm. How warm you ask…?

How about “Need to wear shorts” warm.

It got up to about 20C/68F… but when I was out working in the sun, it felt much warmer. Perfect weather to get those clearance perennials, as well as the second box of bulbs I ordered (another 120 bulbs or so…) in the ground.

I know you’re just dying to see what I got. Of course, there’s no actually flowers, but here’s a look at what we have to look forward to next year.

For the clearance perennials…

These three went inside the catio. Potentilla is something I’ve been considering for a few years. I’ve never actually seen it in a garden centre – just my mail order catalogues. The Iceland poppies and Pasque flower I had at the townhouse, but neither made the move. It will be nice to have them again.

The pussytoes I had to get just because of the name. But it’s a nice little ground cover plant so it went in the driveway garden. I also added two ice plants. They are also supposed to be great for groundcover too. I tried tog grow them at the townhouse a couple of times with no luck. I planted one here in mid summer. It didn’t bloom, but it’s nice and healthy so I figured why not get a couple more.

Spiderwort has foliage like a dayliliy, but smaller simpler flowers. I planted a bareroot one back in spring, with no luck, so I figured I’d try these two. I might have better chances with an already established plant.

I already have some Beard Tongue (also known as Penstamon) and Globe Thistle, but I love them both so I got more!

These four are going to get pretty big, and I need to dig a new garden for them. For now they are planted on the edge of Willow Grove. Come spring, I’ll build a new garden and give them the space they need to shine.

Now onto the bulbs…

I’m trying out some Winter Aconite for a nice pop of early colour.

I’ve also added a mix of muscari (grape hyacinths) since many of the ones from the townhouse didn’t make it. None of my Allium did either, so I got these nice Drumstick Allium. Dad has a tonne of Glory of the Snow in his garden and I always forget to did some up… so I just gave up and bought some. It won’t come up quite as early as the Aconite, but it’s still one of the first pops of colour.

I got a pile more tulips – including a Wine Lovers’ Blend, a Pretty in Pink collection, and a mix of Turkistan Tulips (also known as ground cover tulips).

And of course, we can’t leave out the Daffodils. I got a gorgeous mix of whites, as well as a traditional ‘Poet’s Daffodil’

And last, but definitely not least…

Lilies!!! You didn’t see much of my Oriental/Asian lilies this year because they got absolutely ravaged by orange lily beetles. But I’ve got a plan to stay on top of it for next year, and I always want more lilies! I got a “Red” mix, Muscadet, and Hotel California.

And now… there’s nothing left to do but wait. All the planting and tending is done for the year.

So I leave you with one last visitor to the garden…. a Common Checkerspot butterfly who stopped in last weekend when the sun was shining bright and warm.

8 thoughts on “Coming next year

  1. That is going to be one amazing yard next year! All of those beautiful flowers for the bees and butterflies to enjoy. And everyone who passes by your yard too.
    It’s supposed to be 67F here today and in the 70’sF early next week. So beautiful for November. I’m enjoying every bit of it.


  2. You really got a great selection of clearance perennials! With those perennials and all the bulbs you ordered, your gardens are going to be spectacular next year. Actually, I thought this year was pretty spectacular and next year will be even better. Glad you had a pretty day for all that planting.


  3. Araignee

    The weather here is making me crazy. Down the hill, where I live, it is warm but as soon as you move towards the bay and higher ground the wind whips up and its COLD. We’ve had some surprises when we take Pup out for her daily stroll so I had to pack a bag of warm things in the car to keep in there for when we get it wrong.


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