Trunk or Treat

The most wonderful day of the year is finally here!!!

Happy Hallowe’en!!!

It’s supposed to be a very rainy one here. I’m hoping we get a break for the trick-or-treaters.

Whether we do or not, Dave and I already had a little spooky fun this weekend. On Saturday, we took part in the Sarnia Street Cruisers Trunk or Treat event.

Dave shined up the Bonneville, and I got in character…

And we hit the road (No, Burton didn’t come along).

A Trunk or Treat is basically a big car meet, but with a twist…

Every one fills their trunks with candy, and decorates them….

Then the kids come trick or treating trunk to trunk.

It wasn’t just classic cars either, but all kinds of performance vehicles.

The Yellowstone crew even made an appearance.

I really hope they didn’t give Mr and Mrs. Claus a ride to the train station!!!! Lol.

Our trunk was pretty tame compared to most of the trunks, but this was our first year, and we weren’t sure how far to go.

It was just my witchy broom and black cat, of course. We did bring our foam pumpkins too, but I ended up putting them away because I just kept knocking them over with my cloak.

We did have something the other cars didn’t have though…

A skeleton chauffeur at the wheel! Several of the kids were quite delighted with this!

As you can see, the day was sunny. It was also warm. I had to take my cloak off, but it was just perfect for the kids.

I was told there was about 80 trunks taking part… and as for kids, someone said something like 5,000. We gave out candy for a little more than two hours.

The group posted this picture taken from the sky.

I’ve marked this one up to give you an idea of the scope…

The area surrounded in blue was all the trunks. The pink line is children and their parents lined up waiting to get in (all the little bodies around the cars are kids already going trunk to trunk. The green line at the back is a line of cars on the street waiting to get in.

But I did not hear a single complaint about the long line or wait to get in. Everyone seemed to have and amazing time. I know I was pretty darn pooped.

Rain or not, tonight won’t be quite as intense, but I hope it’s just as fun!

10 thoughts on “Trunk or Treat

  1. Araignee

    That looks like a blast!!! The fire department had a trunk thing yesterday too and the line was around the block. You make a wonderful witch. Happy Halloween!!!


  2. OMG! That is the largest trunk or treat I have seen. Ours are very small by comparison, Your costume/outfit was perfect. The hat really looks fabulous on you. Your driver was a great touch. We are predicted to have showers tonight but not heavy rain like you may get. Happy Halloween!


  3. jatshaw

    Sorry I haven’t posted for a while! Interesting about your Trunk or Treat as our church just hosted one last Saturday, and it was very well attended. The kids really loved it!


  4. Our church also did a Trunk or Treat and had a LOT of kids but not nearly as many as your event had. My goodness! That was a lot of trunks but a huge amount of kids! WOW! I’m glad you included the marked up map to explain for us.
    I think LBB would have made a great addition. He always reminds me of the talking cat, Salem, in “Sabrina, the teenage witch.”


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