Walkabout Wednesday

This week’s walkabout is all about front porches!!!

I love a nice big front porch. The house we had when I was a teen had covered front porch that spanned the whole width of the house. We spent a lot of time on that porch, crafting, listening to music, and just enjoying the fresh air.

Our house here has a front porch with an awning, but it’s not really a sitting porch.

Dave really wants to put a full porch across the front of our house, because he thinks it will draw attention away from the odd addition plunked on the side. He’s a little OCD, so asymmetry bothers him.

It would also require the relocation of our gas metre which is right out in front of the middle of the house (another thing that bothers him), and I can just imagine how much THAT would cost. It’s definitely not in the cards any time soon.

But there are lots of our type of houses around town that have added full porches.

This house just recently redid theirs and it looks lovely. I’d like to think if we had the money, ours would end up looking something like this… but longer of course, because of the addition.

Another idea could be taken from one of my favourite houses in town.

We could take the foot print of our existing porch, and build a little bump-out addition above it. The addition would be off the master bedroom, and it would be a lovely little spot for a reading nook. I’d build it with windows all around, and put in a big window seat. I could fill it with pillows and plants and laze the days away there with the cats!

And since we are dreaming….

Why not a wrap-around???? This is another of my favourite houses in town. And I think you can see why.

I would only be able to have partial wrap-around on our house, since there’s no room on the driveway side. Of course, if Dave had his way, there would be no room on the other side either – he really wants a U-shaped driveway that goes around the back of the house and out either side. This would mean taking out my maple tree… not to mention how much it would limit my garden plans!!!

But… he also wants to expand the garage, and build a pool and a pond and, and, and….

I think the final verdict is we really need more money and a bigger property!

Still. It’s fun to dream, and there’s lots of inspiration around town.

9 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. That last house!! It’s HUGE!!! That is a pretty fantastic porch.

    Oh the things I dream of for my house. It’s fine the way it is, but OH THE POSSIBILITIES if I only had an unlimited budget and some skill.


  2. Araignee

    The people that moved three houses up from us put on a big front porch and I love it. Our house would look so much better with one too but The Mister isn’t the kind that gives a hoot about curb appeal. Unless it was screened in it wouldn’t get much use here. Too buggy. So I’ll guess I’ll stick to my whining about putting a screened porch on the back when we get around to replacing our broken down deck.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    What wonderful porches! I’ve always loved porches and been fortunate to always have covered porches. Also, those are wonderful plans and dreams for your house.


  4. Dreaming is a very, very important part of life. It’s what keeps us going. I love covered front porches. We’ve always had covered decks on the backs of our houses which are really nice. But a porch. It’s so nostalgic. We have a balcony here at the apartment and it’s even covered. Zoey loves us to put her bed out there in the sunshine and she basks in the light. Kind of like a cat!


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