I’ve been making some good progress on Dad’s sweater…

But I have to put it aside for a little bit. There’s a knitting emergency!!!

Neighbour Krista just adopted this 8-week old Chinese Crested/Chihuahua cross. His name is Kermit. And the poor naked thing needs a sweater!!!

9 thoughts on “Sweater-go-round

  1. What a sweet picture! I was never fond of chihuahuas until I visited my brother and SIL in Boulder. Lynnette’s daughter had one (along with Juicy Couture clothes for it) and that was one sweet dog. Not yappy at all!


  2. Oh what a sweet little girl and Kermit is adorable. Since we got Zoey, I’ve become much fonder of chihuahua mixes. She and Lizzie are the most loveable dogs I’ve ever come across. So affectionate and not a mean bone in their bodies. Krista is going to have a wonderful time with her new companion.
    Your Dad’s sweater is coming along great too. That little tiny puppy sweater won’t take much time at all.


  3. The only reason I am knitting on Squish’s sweater is due to travel in the car over this week! But then I have to face undoing the bottom of the sweater and redo the ribbing which is too loose. Love those sewing room kitties!!


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