Walkabout Wednesday

We haven’t had any more snow since the last dusting melted. Nevertheless, Christmas is fast-approaching. Even more decorations have been put out around town.

The township has changed the petunia planters over to festive greenery.

I love the addition of the Teasel painted silver.

I’m going to keep it in mind for next year, because it’s certainly easy to get in the fields around here. It’s one of those plants that always makes me think of my childhood, because it was plentiful where I grew up.

The town has also switched the Canada flags out to Seasonal banners, and added some star-shaped lighted decorations to the poles in the “downtown”. They look very pretty lit up at night.

The covered-up decoration I showed the other week has now been uncovered. It says Joy, as I suspected, but I didn’t know there was a little nativity scene in the centre.

The Presbyterian church has a nice simple nativity scene too.

And I love the simple directions on those big, beautiful entry doors.

This wireframe snowman is just around the corner from the post-office. I would love to get something like this for our yard.

And last, this sneaky Santa is hiding around the side of a house up the street (the house is on a corner, and this side faces the side-street. It’s not a great picture, but I think it’s a fantastic decoration.

For next week, I hope to have a post of what this town looks like lit up at night!

6 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. The Teasel is very pretty – especially with the birch branches (my favorite). The poles in our shopping centers around town have similar banners hanging now. We noticed a lot of seasonal displays on our drive home Sunday afternoon.


  2. I love looking at Christmas decorations in other places. The wire snowman is cute.

    There is a house up in Hellertown (about 45 min. north of me) that has the most beautiful reindeer. The bodies are sparkly silver and the antlers are sparkly gold. I know it sounds tacky, but they are gorgeous! I’d love to get a photo, but there isn’t a safe place to pull over and the road is a busy one.


  3. I never lived in a town that decorated for the holidays until I moved down here and it’s like living on the set of It’s a Wonderful Life. Every year they add more and it’s almost getting kind of overdone imho. The giant neon American flag on the top of the Christmas tree on the road in front of my house is just a bit too much. They used to have a beautiful snowflake swag going across the main road there but they took it down a few years ago much to my disappointment. It was my favorite thing.


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