Friday Felines

After I finally got the bed frame for the bed, I decided, in addition to needing a bigger quilt, it needed a bed skirt. The quilt is going to take a bit to make, but the bed skirt I could get on right away.

And while I’m happy with how it looks, it does come with one major… unforseen flaw….

Its the perfect landscape for a toe ambush!

If that face doesn’t say “Who me????”, I don’t know what does.

7 thoughts on “Friday Felines

  1. Araignee

    I remember those days when the kitties would attack you from the bedskirt. I don’t have them anymore thanks to allergies but I do recall how bad that can hurt. Daughter’s kitties hid under her couch and do the same thing. I was so afraid they would get the baby in the face since he likes to look for them by lifting up the fabric that hangs down while taking a peek underneath the couch.


  2. Adorable!! You’ll have fun avoiding those attacks. LOL. Love the gnomes project! And those planters are gorgeous!! Hmm, I have now dead plants in 4 planters, I just might have to find something similar.


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