Walkabout Wednesday

Sunday morning I woke up and there was a beautiful dusting of snow on the ground. I thought it would be just perfect to take a walk that evening and get some pictures of the lights around town for you.

Sadly.. all the snow melted before noon, but I still went out to get some pics that night.

The pics aren’t the best quality, but they give you an idea of how lit up the town is.

This is one of the houses across the street from us. They have a whole pile of inflatables on the lawn. I’m not a huge fan of the modern inflatable decorations, but I certainly admire their Christmas spirit. They do something similar for Hallowe’en, though they don’t have quite as many for that holiday.

The house with the big wraparound porch I love kept it simple with a few strands of lights around the whole porch. They certainly don’t need much more with a porch like that!

This is the house down the street from us that wrapped the ribbons around the porch poles. I love how they’ve done the upper roofline in lights. I’d love to do that with our place, but it’s too high for me, and Dave doesn’t like Christmas enough to go to all the work of getting them up there.

I’ve learned that the local Optimist club has a contest for the best lights in town, which explains why there are so many houses that go all out. I wouldn’t be surprised if the above house wins. The picture does not so their lights justice. It’s amazing. But what I really love are their trees

I dont know how they’ve done it – but these HUGE trees (like really mature maples) are covered in these tiny little lights. They aren’t super bright like a normal string of lights… and there are literally thousands of them. I wish you could see it in person. I’ve ever seen anything like it. I have to take a stroll by in the day and see if I can figure it out. (If you have an ideas, please let me know!)

Speaking of tall trees, the large pine in the park downtown is light up. When Dave and I came back from Mom and Dad’s a couple of weekend’s ago, we drove by just before the lighting ceremony. There were quite a few families gathered to see it.

And here’s how those lights on the poles look lit up. The whole main street has them on every pole, so it looks really nice as you walk or drive through.

I like how the United Church made their nativity scene with lighted silhouettes. I love the creative placement of the angels and star.

And last… I apologize for the blur… but here’s the welding shop all lit up. I love how he made use of the flag pole. It’s so nice to see this bright, beautiful place on the corner whenever I come home from my errands.

This will be the last Walkabout post for the year. Things are pretty busy, so I’m not sure if I’ll get out for many walks. But Walkabout Wednesday will return in the new year!

9 thoughts on “Walkabout Wednesday

  1. I need to make sure to have Squish when it’s dark so we can go look at lights around the neighborhood. Love the progress of all things Quilty, and the tree skirt is just precious. Hope you can get Dad’s sweater done in time.


  2. Araignee

    I love a well lit up house. We used to go all out but I won’t let The Mister get up on the roof anymore. I bought one of those projector things that make it look like it’s snowing but I hated it. All I’ve got now is my one Ikea Strala star in the front window and it’s sad. It’s still more than my neighbors do. As we’ve all aged there’s less and less effort to decorate for the holidays. It’s a good thing the town goes all out or it would be pretty dull around here.


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