Don’t sweat it

Kittens…. we have a problem…

There is no way we are going to have Dad’s sweater done in time for Christmas. I just have not been able to devote the time needed each evening to it.

It’s maybe four inches further since you last saw it. Which means I still need to knit seven inches of plain knitting, and two or three of ribbing to finish the body. Then there’s still the sleeves.

My mother-in-law arrives for a visit today. I still work today and Friday. And then there’s baking to do… it just not going to happen by Sunday. Even if I had nothing else to do, I doubt I’d be able to finish it in time.

But I’m not sweating it. I have a couple other small things set aside for Dad, and I popped out and got him a gift card on Monday.

The question now is… do I finish it some time in the new year and give it to him when it’s done, or hold onto it for Fathers Day, his Birthday, or next Christmas???

8 thoughts on “Don’t sweat it

  1. Araignee

    I agree with Cindy. Give it to him when it’s done. We could all use a warm cozy sweater this winter. Brrrr…..whatever happened to all those forecasts predicting a warmer than average winter. It’s going into the single digits here this weekend but with NO SNOW. UGH…


  2. jatshaw

    You can always blame the kitties for slowing you down. I’d say give it to him when you are finished. He’ll be happy whenever you do. Have a nice Christmas!


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