Silver roses

Whenever I have a spare moment in the evenings, I’ve been working on the Crimson Blossom shawl.

I’m almost back to where I had to frog it. Beading slows down the process.

So does this…

Eventually, he does fall asleep and I can knit a little faster.

11 thoughts on “Silver roses

  1. Patty

    I can’t wrap my brain on how complicated that shawl is! The chart looks absolutely scary to me. I’m not much of a sewer, just mending.
    Lemmy looks adorable as always! His paws look huge! I wonder if he’s going to be a big guy? My Tom Tom has big paws & he’s a big guy, only because he eats so well😆. He’s now on diet food.


  2. Lemmy is a little lovebug!! You have to wonder why he was all alone in a parking lot. I’m glad he found a good home with you. He looks pretty pleased about it too.


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