Friday felines

Yesterday, the sun was shining and the wind died down enough that it wasn’t too bad to be outside for a little while. Lemmy was insistent on being on the catio porch (he still hasn’t figured out the cat doors…), so I opened the door to the yard to see if he would like to check out the snow.

He was VERY hesitant about it at first. Eventually he came al the way out, but got spooked by the sound of my boots crunching the snow and hid under the stairs.

When he finally got brave enough to come out, he stuck to the areas with no snow. He kept his feet on dry land but gave the snow several sniffs.

And finally…

He was out and about checking it all out. We stayed out for about 15 minutes before I had to go move my truck so Dave could get his car out. When I came back, Lemmy was back on the porch and done with his adventure.

I don’t think he minded it too much. But he’s really going to love it when all that snow melts! (and learns how to use the cat doors!)

You can see a little video of his adventure on our Facebook page. (With guest appearance from snow veteran, Relic)

10 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. Araignee

    My two indoor cats that were feral kittens won’t go out even if you leave the door open for them. They look out and come back in with a face that says…been there, done that-not going back. They know that they’ve got it good. Life outside is rough.


  2. Nancy

    Lemmy in action! How cute! Relic is built like our Miranda with the same walk. Strange thing happened after I watched the video. I dozed off in the chair and dreamt about three large ginger cats and one kitten terrorizing the neighborhood. Very scary!


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