FO: Burton’s February quilt

With February here, and Valentine’s day literally around the corner (tomorrow!!!!), it was time to update Burton’s chaise decor.

I pulled out some fabric leftover from the Mod Cat Sampler and made some simple heart blocks. Like the Mod Cat Sampler, I echoed the black and white checkerboard background. Added a quick border and some paw-print binding, and bing, bang, boom, Burton has a Valentine’s quilt!

Uh… Lemmy…. I said BURTON has a Valentine’s quilt.

Don’t tell me I’m going to have to get a SECOND chaise and make a SECOND set of quilts for you, Lemmy!

Lemmy’s Modus Operandi: Scream until you get what you want.

Eventually, he did get distracted, and gave up the throne to the rightful ruler…

A right royal hearthrob, that one is!

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