Tiny Needle Tuesday

I finished up the frolicking foxes on the weekend. That last, sleepy fox and the few leaves left took no time at all to complete.

Then it was onto the outlining in black. Sometimes all that back-stitching can be a slog, but like everything else on this project, it just flew by.

The leaves, particularly, look a lot better with their outlining. They look like leaves instead of weird blobs. But the foxes faces definitely needed the definition. And I love how the outlining is all broken, and sketchy, really evoking that feeling of floof!

I’m still debating how to properly finish this piece. My original idea was to sew it into a panel on a purse or a bag. But that would require me making a purse or a bag, and they aren’t my favourite things to sew.

I may just get it professionally framed. It’s such an odd shape and size, I probably won’t be able to find a frame to fit it.

So I’ll sit and ponder it for a while… and go looking for a new tiny needle project!

9 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. This piece makes me smile Val. The foxes all look so happy and content and isn’t it amazing what the outlining can do? I’m glad you’re going to get this one framed. It’s such a joyful piece of stitching, it needs to be seen, not stuck away somewhere.


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