Nailed it!

You might have noticed something different about my hands in my last post.

I am a chronic nail-biter. And at 43, I’ve pretty much given up any hope that I will stop and be able to grow the nice, beautiful nails of my dreams.

I’ve gotten acrylic nails a done a few times. And while I absolutely love them, they are time-consuming to have done, and expensive to up-keep.

So mostly I just deal with having short nails. Given all I do with my hands, my nails can’t be super long anyway. But then last month, someone in my facebook feed showed off their beautiful “press-on” manicure.

I’ve done press-on nails before too, but found them too long to be useful. I even tried children’s press-ons. I have small hands, so they actually fit very well. But they always come with an adhesive on them (not the super-glue type nail glue the adult ones use), and I found they didn’t last very long.

But this site where the facebook friend got her had shorter options. I thought what the heck! I won’t be able to wear them once garden season starts, but I’ve got a few weeks before them to give them a try.

I ordered four sets and they arrived just before the weekend.

There was a bit of a learning curve with getting them on securely. But I am absolutely in love! The look much better than any press-ons I’ve had before. They say they should last about two weeks. But if I get a week out of this first set (since I did mess them up at first), I’ll be happy.

And there are so many fun options.

In addition the cat set I’m wearing, I got a different cat set, a fun mushroom and moon set, and a gorgeous butterfly wing set.

This should keep me going for quite a while!

6 thoughts on “Nailed it!

  1. Araignee

    How fun are they? In my old age I can’t believe how fast and strong my nails are growing. I would have killed to have these nails when I was young. I have to cut them all the time because they get in the way of the things I need to be doing.


  2. I’m a nail-biter too, although since the pandemic began, I’ve been much better, and my nails actually grow!
    However, I pick at my cuticles, and you’ll often see me with multiple bandages around my fingertips, to keep me from making a mess.
    I may try these, especially for special occasions- thanks.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    Your new nails are just awesome! Will be looking closely at any photos of you to see your nails. I have never been a nail bitter but I stopped polishing my nails many years ago because once there was a chip, I could not stop peeling the polish away. With all that I subject my hands to, there was always a chip.


  4. So much fun!!!! I just bought polish and UV LED lights for long-lasting nail care!
    (my Pssoriatic Arthritis damages my nails so I have to wear polish all the time to cover up the ‘dead’ nails!)


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