Mr. Interruption

One of the things I love about my relationship with Dave is that, while we love spending time with each other, we also have separate hobbies. So when I’m working on a quilt, or stitching, or knitting, or gardening, he’s happy to be off on his own, building a ship model, working on a car, or doing something musical.

The problem arises when he can’t or isn’t in the mood to work on one of his hobbies, because my husband is one of those people who cannot sit still. And if he’s not busy with a hobby – that means he wants to go out and do something. And that would be just fine… but he doesn’t want to go out ALONE!

I made the decision not to head to Mom’s again last weekend because the weekdays have been so busy with work, appointments and chores, I really just wanted a couple days to play with fabric and floss. (Plus I don’t have Dory – she’s in the shop getting a butt-lift – body work on her rear quarters).

Saturday I was in the studio, sewing away on my red quilt, and at around 2 pm, Dave came to me and asked what we were doing for dinner. I told him I had a pork roast out and would pop it in the oven around 4. He then asked if I wanted to go get a sub for lunch…

I was right in the middle of sewing… and I did not.

But I also knew if I said no, he wouldn’t go himself, and then he’d mope and be miserable. I figured the hour break would be worth the lost time because I wouldn’t have to deal with a morose Dave.

So off we went… but as soon as we were out… he played the old switcheroo! He decided instead of getting a sub in Glencoe (15 minute drive), we should go to Strathroy (30 minute drive) because they have more selection of lunch options. And with Dory in the shop – he was the one driving, so I couldn’t just say no.

And once we got to Strathroy…

“Hey – we haven’t been in the used shop in a while…”

Now I saw this was his ploy all along….

So off we went to the used shop. He didn’t find anything but of course, I did.

Someone’s unfinished woodshop project! It’s hard to see in the picture but there are pencil lines where they drew a dace and reins on the horse. I plan to make it a horn, and paint it into a unicorn. I think I’m going plant it up with something edible and put it by the veg garden.

After that, we did get lunch – burgers instead of subs. And then we headed for home. So the one hour jaunt had turned into two hours… not terrible, but definitely more than I planned.

And THEN… as we are driving home, we were passing another antique/used place. We’ve been there a couple times, but their prices are on the high side (and non-negotiable) so we don’t go in often. But of course… Dave just HAD to stop that day.

Now the other thing about this place… the owner is a talker. Now I’m very good at politely extricating myself, but Dave is completely unskilled at this. He’s so terrified of being rude, he not only actively listens… but engages and continues the conversation by asking questions!!!! He promised he wouldn’t this time but I knew it was all lies.

Another hour and a half later… we finally got out of there. And not empty handed either. Dave found some amp tubes, and some other electronic dohickey… and I found…

The Pyrex Spice of Life loaf pan! It was priced a little on the high-side, but I’ve only ever seen this piece online, so I think it’s fairly rare. I decided I better not pass it up

The store has a small craft section with all kinds of bits and bobs from knitting to cross stitching to painting and more. I grabbed two of the pot holders, which I’ll stitch with some sort of chicken motif for the kitchen. And the little hand towel will eventually get some fish or maybe a mermaid, and be put in my bathroom upstairs.

So.. I can’t completely complain about the outing… though it did completely throw my sewing plans out of whack that day!

10 thoughts on “Mr. Interruption

  1. Robin

    Hi Valerie, I love your finds! I’ve never seen the loaf pan in the spice of life pattern. I have a set of casserole dishes in that pattern we received as wedding presents. It makes me laugh when I see them listed as “vintage “. I guess we are too then!
    Have a good week.❤️


  2. Araignee

    The Mister’s the same way. I can’t get five minutes to myself unless I get him situated first. People always wonder why I flit from project to project without getting much finished-that’s why. I can’t settle my brains down to do anything for any long period of time. I’m always waiting for the interruption I know is coming. We live on his schedule, not mine. Like you, I just have to make the best of it. I hope his new hip lets him get back to playing golf. It was the only real time I had to myself.


  3. Hubster is the same, can’t sit still! But I can send him off to golf in warm weather and we are both happy! Winter, is another story, so hopefully the warm will come soon, and the new clubs he has bought!


  4. Dennis is the same since he retired. I’m so content to just stay home and do things here, but he has no hobbies and wants to go, go, go. Luckily my yarny projects are portable. He’s SO much happier to be working part-time again. He was SO bored.
    You did find some fun things though. I can’t wait to see the planter as a unicorn!
    Blessings and hugs,


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