FO: Mermaid Starlets

Next up in the quilt parade is the only other baby top I had ready for quilting

The pretty mermaid quilt!

This one was made from a fat quarter bundle I got at Walmart. And while I really love those pretty little mermaids…

I absolutely adore this fish print! I don’t know why – they are just so cute!

And of course the backing! I have a small chunk of this left. As much as I love it on the back, I would love to put it front and centre in something! It’s such a great shade of pink, and I love all the coral.

This one was not spoken for, so it’s in the shop if you know a baby in need…

9 thoughts on “FO: Mermaid Starlets

  1. Cindy Ann

    Your quilts are beautiful and although I have been reading your blog for a while, I never knew you had an Etsy shop! Is this your hobby or is this something you do to for your work?


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