Of pansies and roses

I have two more quilted items to share, but sadly, I haven’t had a chance to finish the binding on them yet so they will have to wait until next week.

When I got home from Mom’s on the weekend, I discovered that my gardens had exploded with colour. And I have daffies and hyacinths popping up all over. I’ll share more of that on the weekend.

But first… on the way to Mom’s I stopped off to have a little visit with former neighbour Krista and Miss Wren. It was a lovely visit and the ladies totally inspired me with the gorgeous spring urn they’d planted before I got there.

The daffodils hadn’t bloomed yet – but just look at those pansies!!! I was so envious!

After the visit, I stopped off at a little nursery on the way to Mom’s to get her some Easter flowers and when I saw they had pansies too, I just had to get some for my porch planters.

I didn’t buy a lot – just three little plants for each planter. And I kept with the pink/white theme I had going with the hyacinths and tulips.

The tulips have become the most vivid shade of pink, and have a lovely white centre. They are just so stunning. The pansies, of course, will last long after the hyacinths and tulips have faded. So when the garden centres open in a month or so, I’ll get some other annuals to go with them for summer.

And while at the garden centre, I spied something I’ve coveted for AGES.

It’s a Hellebore – also known as a Lenten Rose. They are an early blooming perennial and they come in an amazing range of shades from white to almost black. The nursery had three colours, a creamy pink, this middle pink and a dark burgundy. I had a very hard time choosing.

This is the first time I’ve ever actually seen Hellebore for sale in a nursery. I’ve only seen them in mail order catalogues/online (and even those are few and far between here). The lady at the nursery said they have them every year, so I’ll be back next year for more!

They are a mountain/woodland plant (native to Europe), so I’ve planted it beside the holly and in front of the maple. It’s taking the place of my rhododendron, which sadly, did not make it through the winter. This beautiful plant more than makes up for it though!

My garden dreams just keep coming true!

10 thoughts on “Of pansies and roses

  1. Michelle Cooper

    The Lenten Rose is a wonderful colour, well done. Dad’s garden in Tauranga, NZ, has self-seeded pansies all over the place – even in between the paving stones. Michelle from Wellington, New Zealand


  2. Araignee

    I love pansies. My grandmother showed me their little monkey faces when I was little and I’ve been fascinated with them ever since. They actually do pretty well here and I’ve been tempted to get some but have too much going on to do them justice. Next year.


  3. Wren is such a cutie and so proud of the planter, (as well she should be, it’s beautiful.) I’ve never heard of a hellebore but its very pretty. I’m so happy for you. The garden gives you so much joy and to have your own now to plant to your hearts content is wonderful.


  4. Shirley Elliott

    One of the houses I walk by every morning has a big clump of hellebores planted only a few feet from the sidewalk. They started blooming weeks ago and are still in bloom. Same pink as your photo. Hope yours will do as well (which I am sure they will do even better with your green thumb).


  5. I love hellebores, and keep meaning to plant some. I thought they had to be planted in the fall, but apparently not! I’ll go see if there are any around here. I love their old fashioned coloring, kind of ashes-of-roses.


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