Friday felines

It appears we have a thief in our midst…

For a while now, I’ve been finding random socks in the hallway. Now, I’m not the tidiest person, and yes, I have a tendency to leave my clothes where they fall when I take them off. But that’s the bedroom… not the hallway.

And I’ve also noticed a lot more odd socks coming out of the wash. I have a lot of clothes, so I tend to wait until I have three or four loads to do. And that ususally takes me a couple days, because I have a tendency to forget I’m doing laundry. So the socks get split up a lot. I have a little basket on my dresser to collect the odd ones when I’m putting clothes away. Every month or so, I go through the basket, and match up any pairs. But lately, there have been fewer pairs to match up…

And then, as I was cleaning off the futon to put the new quilt on it, I moved a big pillow the cats like to lay on and…

Eight single socks and a sparkle ball!! It seemed our thief was likely of the feline persuasion…

I told Dave the story I just related to you, and of the recent stash discovery. He told me to go look in the cat cube in the corner of the livingroom…

Another stash! This time with a knitted bear and a (thankfully clean!) pair of cotton underwear. He told me he’s been watching Lemmy take my socks in there for weeks. (Though he was surprised about the underwear.)

“I was framed!!!”

I cleaned up all the socks, but left him the bear. I made it ages ago with no real plan for it. I woke up yesterday and it was in the middle of the living room floor. He’s obviously one of those cats that likes to carry things around.

11 thoughts on “Friday felines

  1. I know someone who had a dog that would hunt down her bras and dirty underwear from the laundry basket…but I have not heard of a cat doing that. Too funny. That Lemmy is turning into a real character!


  2. That’s FUNNY!

    Giroux was a sock thief when he was little too. Thankfully, he didn’t hurt the socks, he just liked to lay on them and smell them.


  3. Araignee

    That’s just too funny! I have some catnip toys that they show no interest in all day long. I keep them up on the buffet so I don’t vacuum them up. In the morning they are always on the floor scattered around. Kitties are so sneaky.


  4. I loved this story. It reminded me of our tuxedo cat George. Only he stole small shiney things and hid them in our hall closet, close to the front door. He took watches, flash drives, nail clippers, pens and the like. We used to joke that his fence would come in the middle of the night so he kept everything close to the front door. 🙂


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