Tiny Needle Tuesday

With Butt Nuggets all stitched up, it was time for something new. But I had no idea what I wanted to stitch!

I browsed through online pattern ideas for hours until I finally settled on something.

I found this pretty Butterfly on a Thistle pattern on Etsy. I really like the watercolour feel of it. On Friday night, I got out my floss box and sorted out all the colours I would need for those thistle flowers (and there are A LOT!)

I’m very glad Mom made me this organizer to keep my project all together.

I got one thistle head one, and some of the green completed on the weekend.

And while it’s not big… this project is not simple! There are so many symbols in the flowers. You really have to pay attention!

10 thoughts on “Tiny Needle Tuesday

  1. Araignee

    How lovely! That’s a great organizer. I am always drooling over the ones that stitchers show off on FlossTube. I am tempted to buy one but I am a messy stitcher who hates to organize floss. I’ve tried all kinds of bobbins and things but I always end up just throwing it all in a basket and digging around for what I need. I do waste a lot of floss that way.


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