The return of Mr. Toad

The finer weather has brought about the return of the toads!

I came across several as I was working in the yard over the weekend. So far, they’ve all been pretty small. None the size of Anthony Hopkins, who hasn’t made a return to our side porch yet.

And of course, the return of the toads means it’s time for Lemmy to discover them!

He was surprisingly gentle…

No claws used, but I still don’t fully trust him, so I relocated our tiny visitor to another garden.

I’m sure Lemmy will get his paws on a toad INSIDE the catio soon enough. Hopefully he decides they aren’t tasty enough to cause too much trouble.

7 thoughts on “The return of Mr. Toad

  1. What a cute video – I love that Lemmy did not use his claws!! We have not seen our toad friends yet this year – too early for ours…they come out in the heat of the summer.


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