Garden glee

We are approaching a bit of an in-between time in the garden. Most of the spring bulbs are starting to fade, though I do have some later blooming daffodils and tulips coming.

Some of the fancier tulips bloom a bit later

Can you believe this big fluffy thing is a tulip??? If you didn’t see the stem and leaves you could easily mistake it for a peony or a even a rose.

These little ground-cover tulips are new this year. They are basically a short, mini tulips. And these ones have such an incredible shade of bright pink! I’m completely wowed!

And remember I told you I got a bonus colour in my Grape Hyacinth (Muscari) mix?

Well I got two others! That first, some what mutant-looking one is a type of “Double Muscari”. I don’t know which type, but it’s pretty wild. The second one, I’m pretty sure, is “Night Eyes” – a deep dark purple with those pretty white edges. I had it on my to-buy list, but didn’t buy it because it was a wee bit pricey. But it seems a few bulbs snuck into my mix anyway!

My first iris has bloomed! This is a very special iris and long-time readers will recall it. I don’t know the name of it, (though I suspect it’s one called “Superstition”. It came from Mom’s She gave me a piece of hers when I moved into the townhouse. It did beautifully there and I had several clumps.

I only brought one clump with me, but it’s done just as well here and I split it up last year so now I have it in both the front and back yards.

There are many more irises to come too!

Most of the Daffodils are done, but this one has just started

It’s a Poet’s Daffodil, and it’s one of the first daffodils to be cultivated. I’ve believe that started around the 1600s. It’s not a big daffodil, but it’s certainly a pretty one. I have several throughout the gardens, though this one is the first to bloom

In other news… there are a couple things that have happened, but shouldn’t have.

The first is that a couple clumps of snap dragons survived the winter. Not re-seeded (though that’s rare enough here) – but are actually growing from the same plant!

The second is a re-seeding. When I first saw sprouts in the garden, I thought a foxglove had reseeded. And that’s pretty normal for fox glove. I left the little sprouts, because I absolutely adore fox gloves and I’m not about to turn down more.

But I a few weeks later I checked on them…

I’m pretty sure those are Cosmos seedlings!!! I have NEVER had Cosmos re-seed! I’m going to let them grow a bit, then I’ll dig them up and move them about to different places in the gardens. The Cosmos looked amazing last year, so I’m quite happy to have more.

I’ve got some big gardening plans for this weekend, so stayed turned for more dirty fun!

9 thoughts on “Garden glee

  1. Araignee

    What beauties! I do love the color of that iris. We’ve got them in bloom all over town right now and I am really enjoying seeing them. I just might have enough sun out front now to plant some of my own. I just need to remember to do it.


  2. jatshaw

    Love that daffodil! Our tulips are about done, and the squirrels didn’t even bother them this year. I have lots of iris, but they refuse to bloom. Any suggestions? Enjoy the results of all of your hard work!


  3. Shirley Elliott

    All of your blooms/photos are just so beautiful! Every time you do a garden post, I see a plant that is new to me. I have never seen a tulip like yours or the grape hyacinth variations.


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