Socking great fun

Another weekend has just whisked by. Saturday was mostly spent cleaning the sun porch in preparation for painting the inside this week, and cleaning up and re-doing the paths in the catio yard. When I did them last year, I ran out of landscape fabric to go under the mulch. I was broke, so I just put the mulch down without it. It kept the weeds down pretty good last year, but naturally, over winter, a lot of the mulch broke down, and come spring, without any barrier, the Sar of Bethlehem and several other weeds just pushed on through. So it was time to do it right. I raked up the remaining mulch, pulled all the weeds and put more landscape fabric down, covering all of the paths. Then a fresh load of black mulch!

It’s looking much, much nicer. There’s not a lot in bloom right now, but everything has greened up rather nicely, and in a month or so, it’s going to be a jungle.

Sunday morning was cleaning and getting ready for an afternoon visit with former neighbour Krista and family. And after they left, I took some much deserved chill time to just sit on the porch and knit.

Lemmy hung out behind me on the windowsill. He really likes the tidied up porch. Without all the stuff we were storing in there for the winter, he can get to EVERY window. Naturally, I was working on my bubblegum socks.

I finished off the toe on the first one, and made a decent start on the second cuff.

Today, I’m hoping I have the energy to get a good portion of the inside of the porch painted! I’m so happy to be getting rid of that oxide red at last!

10 thoughts on “Socking great fun

  1. OH! I have Star of Bethlehem all over the place, despite all the bulb-pulling I did last year.
    Although they have a nice perfume, they are invasive and I’ll like them to be gone.
    That Lemmy, just a dickens…


  2. You’ll love your freshly painted porch.

    We had to put some projects off when we bought this house. We had to get the important stuff done first and wouldn’t you know . . . they were the expensive things as well. When we finally could afford to get all the holes patched and the inside painted …………….well, it was just the best. I know you’ll feel the same about the porch. It will be nice to have it “your way”.


  3. Shirley Elliott

    The catio looks wonderful. What a treat for your cats. Hope the painting goes smoothly and quickly. Those are happy socks with such beautiful colors.


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