The leader/ender pinwheels are coming together beautifully!


They are so much nicer than those pinwheels I made so long ago. The blocks are about 8.5 inches, so a nice size. I’m thinking they will have a very thin, black sashing between them all.


With just four more wheels I’ll have enough for a nice, lap-sized quilt. And I’ve put a nice dent in my 5 inch scrap pile, so I’m calling this project a definite win!

Here’s where my other projects are at:

  • Walk Like a Dinosaur: One column left of dino toes
  • Blockhead: Patiently awaiting Wednesday
  • Dog Logs II: Building cabins, log by dog
  • Rainbow in the dark: Gotta raid Mom’s stash for some strips!
  • Leader and Ender quilt – I’m spinning those wheels!



Meanwhile back in the barnyard

Work continues on the sheepiest cardigan ever.


That pile of knitting is approximately 8 inches on the back and both fronts. (It’s knit in one piece). The only saving grace of this knit is that it is chunky, so those rows, even though they are long, add up fast.  I’m trying to make the commitment to knit a ball of yarn into it each week.


I’m just about to start ball number three, and if I can keep this pace up, it will be well on its way to being done in time for fall.


“Hey Mom, this thing smells.  Maybe you should put it in the tub with Peno next time you give her a bath…”

Don’t tempt me Burton….

As soon as it is done, the first thing its getting is a long wash in some Euclan.

Blue tuesday

Work continues on Rainbow in the Dark. I used a couple of hours on a grey afternoon to get the blue blocks out of the way.


Rupert is not snoopervising… he’s protesting the fact that I pulled his blanket nest off the bed so I could lay m blocks out. But they look quite nice with the green and it gives a good idea of how the blanket will look. (The yellow I did the other week will be at the opposite end of the green.

Just three colours left – orange, red and purple!

FO: Woodland Walk

As mentioned yesterday, the lavender Woodland Walk socks were also for Mom for Mama’s Day.


I finished them up just before the weekend. They are a really fast sock knit if you stick to it. As the pattern is just across 16 stitches, the majority of the knit is stockinette – easy, peasy. The lace pattern has a nice flow, and once you get going, it’s easy to read, meaning it’s easy to pick up and put down. That said, it’s one of those patterns where you want to work to the end of the char. It all combines to make some speedy knitting. This pair took me just two weeks of not-quite-so-steady knitting (Minerva and the Barnyard sweater were worked on as well)

IMG_2686As soon as I saw the yarn on the Knitpicks site, I knew it was the perfect colour for Mom. As mentioned (and a lot of you noted this is a common problem with tweed), lots of those little nubbies fall off during the knitting. And I’m sure many more will with the wearing. But what I really love about this yarn….


Is the subtle heathering. I almost wish they made a yarn like it, without the nubs. It’s so pretty.

And now with this pair done…. I need to start another!

A Mother’s Day FO

Happy Mama’s Day to all the Mama’s of all stripes out there.

As you all know, I’ve got an especially fantastic Mama and I like to spoil her as much as I am able on this day. That of course, means making something even though she can make everything I can make (and can usually make it better).

Late last year, I sourced some very special fabric with the intent to make her a tote bag.


Mom’s Ravatar on Ravelry has been a Red Panda since Ravelry began. She has a whole folder a cute little Red Panda pictures and she changes them out every so often. Finding Red Panda fabric though… now that was a challenge. I ended up finding it (and several other Red Panda prints) on Spoonflower. It was not cheap though – even with the coupon I had. It’s a site I’ll buy from only for very special projects, like this one. And aren’t they just freakin’ adorable?

This is a very similar tote to the Little Mr. Tote I winged a couple months back. I just refined the size a bit. And instead of using plain quilt batting, I invested in a little Soft and Stable. It’s definitely different to work with (not hard, just different), but it helps the bag hold its shape MUCH better. The Little Mr. Tote is very floppy.

It also shows the quilting much better. But PLEASE, don’t look at it too closely.  I have a little presser foot that is supposed to help you keep your lines straight, and a consistent distance, but the metal guide kept moving on me. Eventually I just gave up and eyeballed it. And let’s just say… I’m pretty sure my eyeballs are drunk. But it doesn’t affect the use of the tote, and I’m anything but a perfectionist.


I only had enough of the Red Panda fabric for the  front and back, so for the sides, I subbed in this neat fancy bird print in similar colours. IMG_2488I had a yard of it, and it was part of a mystery box of Free Spirit fabrics mom and I split on last year.

I can’t believe how well the colours matched.

I also used it for the handles, fussy cutting it to create this neat design.

And imagine my amazement when I went looking for a lining fabric in the stash and had this fantastic green print from the same fabric line.


What are the chances. It wasn’t part of that mystery box – I got it in the remnant bin at Lens. I love it when projects come together like this.

As you can see, I used the striped fabric to add a nice wide, divided pocket on the inside. I’m not sure how Mom will decide to use the tote, but the pocket gives it a little more versatility.

I also tucked a pair of socks in the bag, but I’ll detail them in their own post tomorrow.

Garden break

Though this week cooled off a bit compared to last, it was mostly sunny and things continued apace in the garden

As predicted, the red Dwarf Columbine is awash in blooms. There’s actually four separate plants there now – it’s reseeded itself like crazy since last year. When the blooms are spent, I’ll transplant a couple of them to some empty spots in the garden for next year.

My various varieties of happy Daffies continue to bloom, including my most favourite – the mini ones with the apricot-coloured centre. I have enough Daffodils throughout the gardens that I should have them blooming for a couple weeks more at least.

The Tulips are marching right along on time. Like the Daffies, these beauties will give me colour for several weeks. I really should plant more of them in the fall.


The purple Pasque flower bloomed quicker than I expected. I have this flower in dark red too, but it’s in a slightly shadier spot so it takes a little longer to open.


And look how much the Lily-of-the-Valley has grown in just a week! If it grew any faster, you’d be able to see it happen.


My peonies are looking good too. If I had a bigger yard, I’d have a lot more peonies. I absolutely love them!

This plant is called Candytuft. I bought it on clearance last year on a whim (I do that with plants, a lot!) and I’m so glad I did! Just look at those buds. By this time next week it’s just going to be one big white mass of flowers!

Before I go, I’m happy to report that most of the seeds I planted a few weeks back are starting to sprout! While I love the instant gratification of buying plants from a garden centre, there’s a definite pride that comes when you start them from seed!