Sun and roses

This year, the first rose to bloom is one of the new ones….


Scentimental. The blooms are very small (about 2.5 inches) but that could be because she’s young. Online it says 4″ blooms, so we’ll have to wait and see.


I thought Garden Party would win the rose game, but she’s taking her time opening up. She is out front though and gets half the light that Scentimental does. I love that touch of pink with the creamy yellow.


Blue Girl (who’s looking rather pink right now) will likely come in a solid third. I thought I lost her this year, so I’m happy to see her bloom. She is definitely my favorite of them all.


Of course, Ebb Tide may just take that title if she turns out to be the deep dark purple the internet claims she is…

But enough about the roses. (Don’t worry, you’ll see much more of them in the coming weeks).

One of my other favourite flowers are the sunflowers. Mostly because they bring in the little goldfinches, and I just love those little tweeters.

I wasn’t going to plant any this year, because there really isn’t room for them (last year, they shaded too many of my other plants). Property Management is suppose to be rebuilding our fences, so I figured I’d wait for them to do so, then build a special box on the outside of the fence. (we are an end unit with a common area on one side).

But then a couple of sunflowers started sprouting all on their own (thanks to messy birds and birdseed). They weren’t in an ideal spot, so I moved them down beside the lilac bush. And I realized there was room for a couple more there (at least for this year).

IMG_7237So I’ve got some seeds started (these are the Mammoth variety, but I have some Teddy Bear ones sprouting too).

Unfortunately, the ones I transplanted have been snatched away (probably the squirrel). If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s always plant more sunflowers than you actually want… because someone/thing always eats half of them!

6 thoughts on “Sun and roses

  1. OH Im sorry about your sunflowers. Yup Happens all the time. I forgot what color the roses are that were given me when my mom died. They were grocery store roses and I cannot believe they took and came back. SO tiny. THey have buds…I’m waiting


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