Meet Miss Winnie

As of last week, there’s a new little member of the Wandering Cat clan. Meet Miss Winnifred


When Mom’s cat Deuce died last summer, she wanted to bring another cat into their home, but was worried that Jem would be too rambunctious (otherwise, Mr. Burton may have stayed there.) But Jem is a year older now, and a little calmer, so when her work friend knew of a kitten in need of rescue, Mom decided it was finally time.IMG_7327

She’s just a wee little thing – we think no more than five or six weeks, and she only  weighs about one pound. When Mom brought her home, she had a severe upper respiratory infection and her eyes were constantly covered with mucus. She was the only survivor of her litter, and Mom knew without quick intervention, she wouldn’t make it.


But a trip to the vet soon set her right. She’s on antibiotics, and got a cream for her eyes. I saw her on Friday and she’s already infinitely better than she was. She’s certainly a tough little thing. She’s got an independent streak a mile wide. While she is quite a cuddle bug, when she’s on the move, there’s no stopping her.


The dogs have been fabulous with her and she has no fear of them.  In fact, she frequently chases them. Mr Tibbs is a little put out, (he’s a mama’s boy) but I’m sure he’ll come around soon. He missed Deuce quite a bit.


The vet thinks their might be some Maine Coon in her, but we’ll have to wait and see on that. We’ll know for sure when we see how big she grows. Right now she’s just a round little puff ball with stumpy little legs.

IMG_7345And the strangest tail I’ve ever seen! It’s going to be so fun watching her grow.

Welcome to the clan mini Winnie!

11 thoughts on “Meet Miss Winnie

  1. What a sweetie!!! She does look like (at least part) Maine Coon (see the “M” on her forehead? Glad she is on the mend. And glad your blog is no longer blocked for me at work!!


  2. Shirley

    Miss Winnie is adorable! Looking at those ears, there certainly may be some Maine Coon genes. So glad she has a happy home. Look forward to seeing her grow.


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