Saturday stitches

Most of my sewing has been in a bit of a limbo the past little while. As you know, I have five project boxes, and I don’t allow myself to start anything new if they are all full.

The current projects are:

  • Superstar
  • Dragonfly Gallery
  • Disappearing Hourglasses
  • Scrappy Cabins
  • Leaders & Enders Four Patches

Superstar is awaiting fabric for borders (it’s been ordered and is on its way). I made a bit of a boo-boo with Dragonfly Gallery – I made too many blocks. While it means I’ll end up with a nice large quilt, it also means I ran out of the plain green Honeybun fabric, which I need for the sashing (again, more is ordered and on its way). Disappearing Hourglasses is going nicely, but I can’t do more than a few blocks at a time, or I get pumpkin brain. And of course, Leaders & Enders can only be worked on when sewing something else. So that just leaves Scrappy Cabins.

The plan was, like the Hourglasses, was to try to sew up a few every day or so. I’ve sorted all my scraps into like colours, and each block is neutral/cream/white on one side, and a colour on the other.

This means I’m going to need A LOT of the neutrals. And I just didn’t have much. I didn’t want to make too many blocks, because I want to be sure there’s a good mix in the neutrals throughout the whole blanket, so the cabins have been a bit neglected.

That is until Mom came to the rescue.


She let me raid her scrap bin and add several new fabrics to my cabin stash. So the other day, I sat down and stitched together a few pink, and a few brown cabins.


It’s definitely going to be one heck of a scrappy quilt!



You should be seeing a finished Tuxie Love quilt soon. Since it’s just going to be a kick around blanket for me, I told Mom she could absolutely use it as a practice quilt on her new machine. As soon as she’s done with it. I’ll get it all bound and photoed for you to see.



Here’s little Miss Ro with her vintage Singer 99K.

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