Pumpkin brain strikes again

It happened again. I was happily sewing borders on the Superstar quilt top, when the clock struck four. I only had two strips left to sew, so I figured I could just keep going. I got the second to last one on and went to iron it…


Yep… I sewed the stupid thing on with the wrong side out. No idea how I didn’t notice… it’s not exactly a small piece of fabric… but … I plead pumpkin brain.

And to top it off, I’m about four inches short of purple fabric for the last border strip. I was sure my math was right… but apparently not.

I was fretting over what to do… the purple is from Missouri Star – I could order more but this quilt is on a deadline, and by the time the fabric got here, and I got  it on, Mom might not have enough time to quilt it…

I considered cutting the borders in half lenghtwise, and using the cut fabric to give me enough, but then the quilt woudn’t be large enough, so I’d have to add an extra border – I might be able to get more of the dark grey floral at Lens…

But then Mom came up with a better idea! Cornerstones! I have enough of the dark grey floral left to make cornerstones. I just have to get my measurements right, but it’s definitely doable!

I’m determined to finish this one and get it to Mom by the end of the week. I just have to do it before 4 p.m!



10 thoughts on “Pumpkin brain strikes again

  1. Cornerstones are a lifesaver! (I was going to suggest them if your mom hadn’t beaten me to it!)
    I’ve sewn seams backwards like that, too. Sometimes repeatedly… 8)


  2. Sorry about that, but I’m glad you were able to remedy it. Your mom seems like an invaluable resource of ideas!

    I am familiar with pumpkin brain. Maybe it’s my geographical location, but I call it fog brain here.


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