New additions

The garden centre is doing it’s clearance but I’m happy to say, I was very reserved, and only got a few plants.

Of course, that’s mostly because I don’t really have much room any more! I was really just filling in a few holes where things didn’t come back.

This little Stonecrop went in the sidewalk garden. At the front of the garden, I have alternating Stonecrops and Hens and Chicks… but the stupid squirrels keep digging up and running off with my Hens. They leave the Stonecrop alone, so I filled a hole with this. It will bloom a nice bright yellow very soon.

I’d never heard of Leopard’s Bane – apparently it’s part of the Aster family – it’s got a nice new home in the front garden now.

There was a little blank spot in the side garden behind some Sedum and Lily-of-the-Valley,and it’s now filled with this double bloom Susan. You may recall I’ve had these twice before – but they never come back. But third time is a charm, right? Plus, it will add some nice late summer colour to that garden.


And last… I found another peach Foxglove to replace the one that didn’t come back (it’s in the same spot.) Even if I have to buy Foxglove every year, I will – I absolutely adore it!

6 thoughts on “New additions

  1. Great choices!! And congrats on your restraint – lol. I do love asters. Please show pics of the peach foxglove when it blooms – it will be gorgeous.


  2. Oh your garden and continued attempts with a variety makes you a certain winner. HERE: Clematis success …all 3 varieties
    Something is growing in the front where I planted my gift seeds from my old neighbors garden….? Mums?
    My cosmos in a brass container are doing great.
    And the pot of moss roses loves the heat and sunny local.
    Oh and a rosebush given me after my mom passed, bloomed on Fathers Day1


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