FO: Tuxie Love

Mom was able to finish the quilting on Tuxie Love in short order. She sewed the binding on for me, and then it was up to me to tack it down. As is my custom, I put on a good movie, got comfy on the couch with my needle and thread and…


Burton! You can’t have it yet!

I got through a couple sides, put another movie on, got up to get a drink and snack, and…


Well you know it must be a nice quilt when it brings these two together!

But finally, I got it all bound, and I folded it up and tucked it on the back out the couch so I could photograph it the next morning.

The next morning arrives and…


Come on! I waited until she got up for breakfast and…


Now you can see it all! It’s a bit of an odd shape… about 40″ wide by 80″ long… but that’s because I have a tendency to fly by the seat of my pants when piecing instead of planning things out really well. But it’s really just a kick around blanket for me, so the size and shape isn’t really that important – the snuggle factor is!


And wasn’t I lucky to find the most purrfect chunk of flannel in the clearance bin? Seriously – what are the chances? And with the exact purrfect shade of pink! And flannel! Snuggle factor achieved!


My orginal plan was to applique noses and eyes on the cats, but then I found they cute little heart shaped buttons – which again – just purrfect! And once I got them on, I decided I liked the abstract look of the cats with noses, but no eyes. (I can always add eyes later if I change my mind.)


Since it was just a kick around blanket for me, I told Mom to do whatever she wanted with the quilting and not worry to much – just use it to get some practice in. She got lots of practice with loop-d-loops in the pink sashing, wishbones in the black sashing, and a wobbly meander all over the cat blocks.

The end result is a purrfect cuddle quilt me and my kitties can enjoy for many nights to come!

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