Strange Magic

So Delighted Hands solved my peony mystery for me… it’s most likley the PH in my soil that’s making my peonies lighter than Dad’s.

But now there’s other weird things going on in the garden….

The Beard Tongue, which has always been pink… suddenly started blooming BLUE!


At the same time that there were pink blooms on the plant!

And that pretty creamy Columbine?

35461374_10160487595255243_4316812126732681216_oWell now we’ve got separate white and yellow blooms – on the SAME plant!

And my beautiful purpley Ebb Tide rose…


Is no longer purple!!!


Seriously? Can you even believe that’s the same rose????

Anything weird happening in your garden?

9 thoughts on “Strange Magic

  1. It’s soil chemistry that’s behind all the colour shifts I’d think. Well except the Columbine – they just do that sort of thing.

    I bought a gorgeous blue hydrangea from a garden centre that never bloomed blue for me again. Made me a bit crazy. Never again. Evergreens are so much better behaved… well except those pesky variegated ones that tend to revert to single colour.

    Never mind, it’s all beautiful!


  2. I know a number of plants carry the genes (or whatever) for a number of different colors (Sweet William is one of those flowering plants…there are tons others). and, yes, soil chemistry has something to do with it too. Just think of it as getting double for your money – lol.


  3. That’s kinda fun, not knowing what color you’ll have each season…like a treasure hunt! The only thing happening in our garden is actually in our neighbor’s garden; they’ve gone away on an extended holiday, leaving their cherry tree to fruit by itself…but we are picking as much fruit as we can! Yum!


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