In with the new

With two quilting project boxes empty, it was time to get moving on something new.

When I first got bit by the quilting bug, I considered making everyone on my list a quilt for Christmas. Then I decided that was a bit ambitious, so I narrowed it down to just one person on my list. (Though the L&E quilt may end up becoming a Christmas gift if I get it done in time).

A while back, Chris at Chrisknitssews shared this pattern. It can be made with a Layer Cake, Charm Pack or Mini Charm Pack.

Back when I first started, I’d bought this charm pack thinking I could get almost a whole quilt out of it.


Obviously, I know better now. But paired with some white fabric, and the Moda Love pattern, it would make a decent centre to a quilt.

The pattern has you assemble the quilt in rows, but I found a better way, at least for me. You see, my sewing studio is very small. It also doubles as my home office, crafting supply storage, and personal library (and I have a lot of books). That means there’s no room for a design wall.

For larger project, I use the bed. But that means I can’t leave it there overnight (Dave has this weird thing against sleeping on the couch because I have the bed covered in quilt blocks….). I usually don’t sew for more than an hour or two a day, so this means having to layout and pack up repeatedly once the project gets to a certain size.

But I realized with this one, I could break the pattern up in quadrants (like the Superstar quilt) and work on one quadrant at time, using the portable ironing board that lives on my sewing table.


It fits just perfect, and allows me to piece the blocks in the right order without too much hassle. And this one is coming together quite nicely. In fact, I’ve already got it half done!


Since it’s moving along so nicely, I decided it was time to start thinking about borders


I had these two fabrics in the stash, and they are perfect. They were both bought for other projects, but never used, for one reason or another. I guess they were just waiting for this quilt!

10 thoughts on “In with the new

  1. Araignee

    I have the same issue with quilting stuff. It’s all over the place because it doesn’t have a designated home which I hate. Your new one is a real beauty!!! I can’t believe how much you have done already.


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