I don’t know if I’ve ever told you the story of the “fair cardigan”

Way back when I was a child, and Mom was entering knitting in the fair, Mom garnered many first prize ribbons for her entries. But one first prize she could never win was for the baby cardigan category.

She knit many-a beautiful cardigans, but year after year, a cardigan knit in a particular pattern always took first place. She searched and searched for the pattern but couldn’t find it.

Years after she stopped entering the fair, she finally found it. It’s an old Beehive pattern.


I didn’t think much about, until last year when my beautiful grey baby cardi only got third prize at the fair. Can you guess which pattern won first?

So this year I borrowed the pattern from Mom and decided to give it a whirl. Only… well… I don’t really like it that much. I don’t like the garter around the yoke. I don’t really like the lace pattern on the sleeves and body. The only part I do like it the leaves… (surprise, surprise).

So… I’m using it as an inspiration, but designing my own.


What’s the point in winning first place if you don’t enjoy getting there?

11 thoughts on “Leaflet

  1. Shirley

    Your yarn is just beautiful! From what you have knitted thus far, it it looking awesome. Hope you take home first place for your entry. Really looking to seeing this as it progresses.


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